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Balance for Life is a non-membership based facility, which means clients pay for only the services that they utilize. No additional membership fee. Some of our clients do private sessions, group classes and massage only and some use a combination of our services. Let us customize a plan for you based on your goals, fitness level and if you have any injuries or restrictions. Questions? Contact us >

BFL has many options to customize a plan for you:



Certified Personal Trainers work one-on-one with clients and create a customized plan that takes into consideration a client’s conditioning level, goals, injuries, restrictions, time and schedule. These sessions may include cardio, strength, toning, and flexibility. Each session is customized to each client and their goals.


Certified Pilates Trainers work on-on-one with clients to create a customized plan that takes into consideration a client’s conditioning level, goals, injuries, restrictions, time and schedule. Pilates focuses on strengthening your core along with increasing your flexibility and mobility. Pilates is joint-friendly.



We offer a variety of class formats with various levels of intensity in order for you to find what works for you. Our class sizes are small, a maximum of 6 people, this allows the instructor to ensure clients have correct technique and a great workout. We offer various modifications in order to accommodate various levels.

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Massage therapy sessions are customized to each client based on their goals and if they have any acute or chronic injuries or pain. All of our massage therapist have many years of experience and our licensed. Our rooms are quite and relaxing to allow you to truly relax your body and mind. We offer 60 & 90 min. massages.



Reiki is an energy healing practice that is known to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation. During your session, in a private room, your Reiki practitioner will use gentle touch or hover their hands near an area of the body to deliver energy to your body. The practitioner acts as a conduit, sending the energy from the universal life force to you through their hands. This service will improve the flow and balance of energy in the body and promote healing.



Private yoga sessions are customized to your goals, the private yoga sessions are done in a quiet, relaxing room to make sure your body and mind can focus on the yoga poses. The Yoga instructor will create a yoga workout that helps you achieve you goals. Yoga focuses on reducing stress and increasing flexibility.



Series classes allow you to work with a nationally Certified Trainer at a group rate. Balance for Life is a non-membership based facility, meaning there are NO MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP DUES in addition to your classes. These classes are with the same group with a start and end date.  The series classes meet weekly which allows consistency, accountability and progression for the participants.  



BFL offers one-on-one stretching sessions that are specific to your goals which may include increasing range of motion, mobility and flexibility perhaps overall or just in specific areas.  We offer 30 or 60 min sessions.

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