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A Note from Julie

I worked in health clubs small and large for 8 years before opening Balance for Life in 2000. My focus on creating Balance for Life was to create an atmosphere that clients could thrive in that was customer service focused. At BFL, we know every client’s name. It has a small feel to it, yet is large enough to offer a variety of services that can meet each individual’s needs and goals. I sought to hire the best staff in the industry. We are client oriented and able to cater to each individual.  Clients really feel the team effort in helping each client achieve their goals and the continued support and care shines through.



We work with clients to improve their overall health and wellness.  Many clients are looking to prevent health issues or to improve their health and fitness levels.  

We will work with you to customize a plan your goals may be to work on toning, strengthening, endurance, flexibility, balance, energy, decreasing cholesterol, stress and/or blood pressure.  

All of our trainers have different degrees, certifications and specialties.  

The owner will assist you in matching you up with the best trainer for you based on your individual goals.  This trainer will created a customized plan.  

Balance for Life also offers small group classes and massage therapy and these services can also be utilized to  help you achieve your goals.



Many clients we work with are seeking to lose weight and maintain their weight.  Weight loss is very individual, we don’t believe in a one size fits all we believe in order to successfully lose and maintain weight you must have a customized approach that fits into your lifestyle.

Consistency is key to any weight loss and maintenance goal.  We strive to hold clients accountable to their goals and keep them motivated to see the big picture when long term goals can seem so far away, we help clients to focus on the small individual goals which add up to the long term goal.  This allows clients to feel success along the way which achieves results.  



With today’s rising healthcare costs insurance companies in some cases are just not covering the amount of Physical Therapy sessions needed to fully rehab your injury.


The physical therapist clears patients to be safe for their activities of daily living but many people want to improve beyond the basic level of functioning.

Hiring a professional trainer in addition to your PT or when you have completed physical therapy will help get you back to where you need to be and maybe even stronger than before the injury occurred.

Staying physically fit throughout your entire life is extremely important for purposes of the body as well as the mind. Regular exercise can reduce your stress, increase your sense of well being, in addition to helping your strength and flexibility, thus drastically improving your overall quality of life.

                                         The BFL Difference

We are a non-membership based facility, meaning there are no monthly membership fees in addition to your Pilates, Yoga, Massage or Personal Training sessions. All clients of BFL work on an individualized program with a trainer based on their fitness goals. There is no self–training, therefore there are not large crowds occupying equipment or members staring down from the elevated cardio above. During your session you will have complete access to state-of-the-art equipment and private showering rooms, not embarrassing “high school” style locker rooms. Private 1 on 1 training sessions as low as $39. BFL also offers small classes in Pilates (both mat and reformer), Kettlebells, TRX, Yoga and more! As Certified professional fitness trainers, we pride ourselves on our attention to details and the customer service and value we offer our clients. We have helped many clients achieve goals such as weight loss, injury management, increased strength and overall health improvement.

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