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Series classes allow you to work with a nationally Certified Trainer at a group rate. Balance for Life is a non-membership based facility, meaning there are NO MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP DUES in addition to your classes. These classes are with the same group with a start and end date.  The series classes meet weekly which allows consistency, accountability and progression for the participants.  


BFL Difference:

  • All classes are taught by a Certified Instructor.

  • All classes are small 4-6 people. (to assure individual attention)

  • BFL provides all equipment plus lockers, towels & bottled water at no additional cost.

  • Full use of cardio equipment before or after class at no additional cost.



Series Pilates Reformer Classes

  • Curvy Pilates™ Reformer (6 weeks)

  • Pilates for Osteoporosis (5 weeks)

  • Essential Reformer (7 weeks)

Series Pilates Mat Classes

  • Flexion Free Pilates (5 weeks)

  • Essential Pilates Mat (5 weeks)


More Series Classes

  • Yoga Basics Series (5 weeks)

  • Yoga Blend Series (4-5 weeks)

  • Tai Chi (4 weeks)

Scroll calendar forward to see all series start dates

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