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Get Started on a path to a healthier you!


Do you want to feel good, be healthier, gain knowledge, rehab an injury, excel at sports, live longer, or boost your confidence? If so, please call us to schedule your first consultation. Make your appointment today or stop by to experience the private, comfortable and professional atmosphere of our Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga and Massage studio. When it comes to your health, you deserve to work with the best!

Fill Our Our Consultation Form to Get Started with BFL


Schedule a FREE consultation session to learn more and get started on a path to a “Balanced and Healthy Life” in our private & comfortable atmosphere. Your complimentary consultation session will include:

  • Tour of the facility

  • Exercise recommendations based on your needs

  • Discuss information such as:

  • Goals

  • Health History/Injuries

  • Program Design

  • Package options

To request a Consultation, please contact us online or call 651-415-9500.

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