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Balance for life is the ideal work-out studio. it is very clean and has top-notch equipment. I have been working out there for 6 yrs. Every instructor I have come into contact with is very well-trained . The classes are fun and varied. It is never the same routine twice. The front desk staff is able to greet clients by name.
In short, it is a fun place to get, and stay, in shape.

Mary R

Balance for Life Fitness is a phenomenal gym. If you want a gym that offers excellent classes, where the instructor will modify an exercise to meet your needs, then this is the gym for you. I've had other gym memberships; the classes were large and there was no individual instruction given to the participants. I cannot say enough good things about this gym. Because of this gym, I attend three classes a week. When I had another gym membership, I simply didn’t go. Julie (the owner) has created an inclusive atmosphere and has hired great trainers.

Kathy S

“I’ve learned so much from my Pilates trainer and am able to do things I never thought I could do in my individual and group class Pilates Reformer sessions. She has also given me Pilate’s exercises to do at home betwee...

Cecile S., BFL Client 

I have been going to Balance For Life Fitness Center for over 5 years. I enjoy the Pilates Reformer classes that increases my strength along with creating a strong core. BFL also offers great Group Fitness classes. They offer a variety of classes to work on cardio, strength and intensity. I love the small classes that allow you to receive great attention as to form and encouragement. I have made great friends here and the bonus is that with the cardio and strength classes, I have lost about 40 pounds.

Brenda G

My husband and I have a partners private lesson twice a week. Our instructor is skilled at tailoring each day's workout to meet our needs. Use it or lose it, you know! I love this facility. It's pleasant, well-lit, and clean with machines that are in excellent working order. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I would recommend Balance For Life to anyone interested in staying/getting in shape.

Gina O

I have been going to Balance for life for almost 10 years and I love it there. The small group classes are excellent, from pilates or yoga to kettlebell or TRX. I have done private training and Pilates reformer and I always get top notch instruction. If I ever work out at a friend's gym, I'm aware of the lower quality of care. The attention I receive @ BFL always exceeds my expectations.

Chris O

Balance for Life is my happy place! The staff is great. The classes are so much fun! And the trainers are knowledgeable and supportive. They take the time to make sure you're working your body in a safe and effective manner. The small classes allow you to get to know the other customers. It's like working out with your friends every time! I love this place! I've used every service BFL offers and have not been disappointed!

Theresa H 

I was gifted a prenatal massage with Amanda from a friend and it ended up being the most wonderful experience. I now think it was a necessity for any preggo lady! Highly recommend!

Jenee S

BFL has been my preferred Pilates personal training center for over 4 years. I attend 2 one hour sessions with Kandace weekly and schedule a wonderful massage with Amanda as often as I can - usually monthly. My flexibility and balance are my primary concern as I get older, and I find that this regiment works the best for me. Great service and skill is provided by all at BFL.
Kathryn G


Client: Julie E


Goals: I joined this center as a way to feel better and to increase my flexibility.  Fight the aging process!  I want to stay young as possible for as long as possible!

BFL Approach: I meet with Sherry twice weekly for individual coaching and meet a friend for a more general workout 3 times per week.  Sherry sets up an encouraging regimen that keeps me challenging myself.  She also continual makes small corrections in body position to make sure I am maximizing the exercises.  Sherry is fun to work with and I look forward to our sessions.


Client Success: Many small aches and pains have disappeared:  plantar fasciitis, mild vertigo, shoulder pain, etc.


Client: Laurie

Goals: When we first met Laurie her initial goals were to improve her flexibility and work on her strength.  She also wanted to increase her range of motion and get into a good exercise routine.  Laurie’s long term goals are to lose some more weight and continue to gain strength & flexibility.


BFL Approach: Laurie has been coming to Balance For Life and is working twice a week to improve her flexibility and work on her strength. Laurie has made exercise a part of her weekly routine and continues to see success.


Client Success: Laurie has lost 15 pound to date and looks and feels amazing!  We are very proud of all of Laurie’s hard work and dedication.  Seeing her progress is what keeps Laurie motivated.  She also has a son, who is at marine boot camp and he inspires her to keep pushing. Laurie figures if he can go through what he is, she can do her part to stay healthy.


Client: Lani


Goals: My goals were to improve my posture and to gain more strength and flexibility.


BFL Approach: I love the people at BFL, the equipment, the environment and the camaraderie.

Client Success: BFL has been a blessing to me and I am so thankful that it came into my life!  Positive reinforcement/encouragement have kept me coming back.   I feel now that I am able to do more, and things are easier for me.  I feel better about myself and I have a more positive attitude and outlook on life.


Note from Julie (Owner/Trainer): Lani is an amazing woman. I can remember the first time I spoke to her about training at Balance for Life over 3 years ago. She told me she has MS and was interested in getting stronger to be able to continue to live independently and confidently. I began training Lani in 2009. She started training with Sandra in 2011. Lani has made such huge progress in that amount of time, it is hard to summarize into words, but I will try. She has increased her range of motion and her strength. When we began, her core was very weak; she had a hard time maintaining an upright position when out of her chair. As compared to now, her posture is much straighter and her core is so strong, she is able to be upright and not only upright but being able to do other challenging exercises in that position. We have utilized all of the equipment in the studio including but not limited to the Nustep for cardio, many of the strength machines such as cable crossover, functional trainer, leg extension/leg curl and the pilates equipment (reformer, Cadillac, chair), BOSU and more. She is always excited to try new things. She is so friendly to everyone in the studio. She loves to get to know other clients and staff. She has a memory of steal. She remembers every persons name even if you only told her your name once. I am excited to have the privilege to work with Lani and I hope those of you reading this have the privilege to meet her. Her spirit will inspire you as she inspires me each time I train her.


Client: Melinda

Goals: Melinda started at BFL in June of 2011. Her initial goals were to; lose weight, drop blood sugar levels, decrease stress and increase her energy. Melinda was looking for some assistance in accountability and motivation. She wants to be healthy and active. “I’d like to attain a healthy body weight and find a way to integrate life-long fitness routines into my daily life.”

BFL Approach: “I love how welcoming and understanding the staff is at BFL. I have never felt judged – only supported and encouraged. I think the staff and the clients are here for the “right” reasons – to get and stay healthy – which makes BFL a great place to be!”  Melinda began her training with a trainer, twice weekly for an hour. She started with light weight training and emphasis on cardio-vascular endurance. Melinda has now branched out to working with a trainer, once weekly, with emphasis on high intensity training, long durations of exercise with short rest periods, she is also taking higher intensity group classes and running/walking three to four times per week.  “Working with a Personal Trainer made working out approachable. They challenged me with difficult, yet do-able exercises that helped me gradually improve my fitness in almost every way. They also make exercising fun and educational. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from them that helps me make better choices about food and exercise.  I want to be healthy so that I can live a long and fulfilling life.  I like the way I feel when I eat right and work out, so that reminding me of how good that feels also helps. My husband and friends are a huge source of encouragement and support as I continue my journey.”

Client Success: Since starting at BFL, Melinda has lost overall of 23+ inches on her body, lost over 45 pounds and has dropped 4 sizes.  “I’ve lost 45 lbs and many inches. My blood sugar levels are back in the normal range. I can run over two miles now, which I never thought possible – I couldn’t even run a mile when I was in high school! I have more energy!”

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