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During COVID 19 Client Testimonials

The staff is very diligent about adhering to sanitizing, masking and social distancing protocols. I feel respected and safe in the environment." Laura C

"I have been going to Balance for Life Fitness for years for massage. The staff have always been respectful and accommodating.  The massage therapists are knowledgeable and discuss how they can best meet your individual needs.  Plus their hour massages are a true 60 (not 50!) minutes. I feel like I could float home after a massage with Rhianna! Julie, the owner, was wonderful in communicating to BFL clients during the closure as to the steps they were taking to assure our safety. I feel she went above and beyond to make it a safe area. I have had 3 massages since they reopened and feel quite comfortable with their precautions (specifically masks before the mandate, extra cleaning with UVC lights and requesting clients to self-monitor and cancel any appointment if needed).  I am so thankful to have this important part of my life back after the closure!" Patti

“ I love BFL! I am so thankful I found this place. I participate in the group classes and find the instructors very helpful and supportive. With the center closure in March, they offered online classes and kept in constant communication regarding reopening. I was skeptical on returning since I have contact with at risk folks but I am so impressed with the safety measures they have put in place. I feel very safe attending outdoor and indoor classes. I look forward to trying the zoom classes this winter. “ Rachael

Rachael pic.JPG

I have been coming to BFL for 9 years.  I have seen a personal trainer for private sessions, had many massages, and taken several gentle yoga classes. Because I'm immune suppressed, since Covid, I've been taking private zoom sessions at home with my BFL trainer, which are excellent! My trainer is so flexible, and has made the switch beautifully. I'm very impressed with the trainers at BFL, specifically, their knowledge, skills and experience.

I’ve been coming to Balance for Life for four years. I have taken group classes and I’ve had massages, all of which have been excellent.


I was never good at establishing my own exercise routine. BFL has helped me exercise regularly and I look forward to each session.


I tried working out on my own during the pandemic using some of the techniques that I learned from BFL. I didn’t realize how much I missed the routine along with the motivation from the trainers and other people in the class.


I was nervous about returning, but the safety protocols made me comfortable right away. People are spaced six feet apart or more, masks are required inside, and the equipment is sanitized. Being able to do outside workouts and indoor yoga has made a huge difference in my physical and mental health. 



Balance for Life is the best gym I've tried in the North Metro. I've been coming for 3 years and during that time have found the small classes and experienced trainers to provide the motivation and accountability I needed for consistent workouts. The regular strength training/circuit classes especially  helped me steadily lose 15 lbs. Yoga and Pilates class teachers are very experienced and offer individual attention in classes. Owner Julie's responsiveness to health and safety with outdoor training options, small class sizes, mask requirement, extra cleaning protocols have made it feel safe to get back into a fitness routine. Highly recommend! Cathy 

Cathy with mask.jpg

I have been a client at Balance for Life Fitness Center since April of 2014. This is a studio with many small class options as well as individual fitness instruction. All classes are conducted by well trained and accredited instructors. With a variety of classes it is easy to find one or several that may be of interest to you. I have also taken advantage of the massage services they offer. The facility is welcoming to all genders, ages and abilities. This is not a gym where you stop by, lift some weights, run on a tread mill and move on. After the restart due to the COVID epidemic I am satisfied that they implemented procedures to assure the safety of staff and clients. The size and personal nature of the facility make it easy to recommend even in these trying times.


Scott' head shot.jpg

“I joined BFL around 10 years ago, as a young man in my late 50s. I’ve moved into middle age (I’m 68 now) gracefully in large part because of the benefits I’ve gotten out of Pilates.  I’ve mainly done partner training with my wife, but have done a little solo Pilates training. I’ve also had some very helpful, therapeutic massages at BFL.  I’ve always been impressed with the quality of trainer with whom I’ve worked at BFL. Over the years there have been a few and they have been consistently dedicated, knowledgeable and (this is important for me) patient. 


During the current COVID crisis, the BFL studio is the only place to which I’m venturing out. I have absolute confidence in Julie’s ability to keep the environment there safe. I recognize that my long-term health requires exercise as well as caution, and have no qualms about the value of the Pilates training, even in these difficult times.”


Bill Odean

I have been coming to Balance for Life for 3 years and do personal training and occasionally have a massage.  This year I did a few outdoor sessions prior to gym opening for indoor workouts and felt very comfortable with the COVID protocols in place. It took a little time to get used to working out with a mask, but after a few workouts it became less of an issue.  Wayne 

“It felt great returning to a regular workout schedule when BFL re-opened in June! I’ve been coming to Balance for Life for group fitness classes for about a year. The trainers I’ve worked with, Alex and Geo, have done a wonderful job of respecting personal boundaries and being super on top of cleaning protocols. Knowing equipment is clean, safe, and we’re working outdoors in our own space has made coming back to BFL inviting and comfortable.”  Melissa Z

“I have been going to Balance for Life Fitness  (BLF) for over 9 years.  I have belonged to other gyms, but never have attended on a regular basis.  You become motivated to go to BLF because (1) the instructors are amazing, (2) the classes are small – 5 or less, (3) when you open their front door you are welcomed, and (4) it is fun to see other clients who you have become friends with, (5) the diversity of people working out is nice – young, old, fit, not so fit – you never feel because of your age or athletic ability that you don’t fit in,  and (6) it provides you with an amazing way to stay fit.


Julie, the owner of the gym, has high standards for her employees and those standards result in excellent personal training and class sessions.  She also goes out of her way to accommodate her clients.  Her fitness center is amazing – a true gem in the community.”


K. Smith

How long have you been coming to Balance for Life?  I have been coming to Balance for Life since April, 2012. 


What services do you use?  I participate in the group classes and Pilates reformer classes.  I have also participated in personal training and used the massage services.


How did you feel about returning after BFL re-opened in June? I had no issues or concerns about returning back to BFL.  I had seen the protocols that were being put in place and knew that it was more important to stay in shape with the risks being lowered with the new protocols.


What made the biggest difference for you in BFL's new safety protocol that made you comfortable returning? The cleaning routine along with the UVC lights are great processes to address Covid.  I enjoy the outdoor workouts as a modification also.



Brenda Goldman


I found Balance for Life Fitness Center after struggling for several years to enjoy returning to fitness after I had my first child.  While I have ways enjoyed class style work outs, the options with the corporate chains around did not leave me feeling excited or inspired for more.  Navigating membership packages and schedules was burdensome.  I was hooked after my first group class at BFL. The instructors are passionate,  personal and very quick to offer modifications and accommodations to the general class template.   Good music, small class sizes and the opportunity to meet those beside you gives great encouragement. I leave each class feeling much better than I did walking in and I've never had a bad class. I always recommend BFL to people regardless of their fitness needs or abilities.

Nicole D

I have been a client at (Balance for Life) BFL for over 10 years, & I have used many of their services: personal training, massage, yoga & Pilates classes. I was concerned about returning to BFLF when they reopened in June as I am 66 years old & have underlying health conditions. I was reassured that the environment would be safe when I read about Julie’s plans: masks required, very limited class size (5 participants), instructors clean all equipment after each use, social distancing, UVC lights & optional outdoor classes/training. Indeed, those precautions were all in place when I returned & I felt comfortable. The knowledgeable instructors are one of the main reasons I go to BFL. They are careful to consistently follow all COVID precautions. Several of my friends who have memberships in larger health clubs do not feel safe going back at this time. They have been surprised to hear about the numerous & detailed COVID precautions taken at BFL.



I have had the privilege of working with a personal trainer at BFL since 2014 and enjoying the best massage sessions over the years as well. I discovered this wonderful, privately owned workout facility when I was looking for a place that offered Pilates in the northern suburbs after losing my personal trainer at the gym I had been attending since 2010.  I have never looked back!

I will admit that I was a little hesitant going back into the gym once they were allowed to reopen, but was so reassured with the detailed effort Julie has made to use state of the art cleaning techniques, requiring masks and hand washing and making sure that the trainers cleaned all pieces of equipment after each client’s use.

I am so glad to be back with my trainer and my massage therapist. I really do notice the difference exercise and massage make in my life.


Kathryn Gigler

Balance for Life has always been so helpful to me. Everyone is super friendly yet very professional and willing to go the extra mile. 

I really appreciate and enjoy the friendliness, personal attention, and high level of professionalism at Balance for Life. Cindy


After experiencing small classes with individual attention at Balance for Life, I haven’t even considered going back to large gyms. Julie, (owner of BFL) who is there every day that I’ve been there, has done an exceptional job of applying comprehensive and consistent protocols to reduce any concerns I have about covid exposure. I trust her. Deb 

I always enjoy my time at Balance for Life. The staff are all very professional and I always feel good when I leave. Kathy 

Have been coming to BFL for several years. Have always found the instructors to be very helpful, friendly, interested in making sure class or training is specific to my needs. With the pandemic very impressed how Julie has worked to follow all the guidelines and gone beyond to try and keep us as safe as possible. Ann Marie 

I've been a client for at least 5 years because I love the classes, the trainers and environment. They support me and my fitness goals and make it fun. Jennifer 

I have been at BFL for, I think, 9 years. I have really enjoyed training there! Mary 

I started with Pilates, then added weight training, then graduated to strength training. Yoga classes have been an incredible compliment to strength training. That along with meditation and mindfulness training helps me feel like I am on the right trajectory for becoming a better person. Yes, I have a long way to go, but the journey is a blast! Steve



Balance for Life has literally changed my life! I am in better health in my 50s thanks to BFL than I was in my 40s. Their expertise and personal instruction allowed me to finally find my core, lose weight and feel terrific Kim



Balance for Life Fitness offers outstanding classes. Instructors are excellent and the atmosphere is always welcoming. Kathy 

BLF is the most amazing place. I feel extremely safe and well taken care of...I have been coming to BFL for over 20 years and I do personal training and chair assisted yoga. Both of which are wonderful. BLF is the best personal fitness studio in our area. BFL's attention to detail during COVID has been amazing. No stone left unturned. Sharon 

After working out at a larger gym, I'm so happy to have found BFL! I really appreciate the passion and skill level of instructors as well as the smaller class size. I've learned so much and have dramatically improved my fitness. Thanks! Andrea 

Balance for Life has always felt like a safe and welcoming place. I greatly appreciate all of the staff. 

I have been attending BFL for over 5 years. The classes and instructors are very important to my physical, mental and spiritual life 

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