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Julie J

Certified Pilates Instructor

Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor

Essential & Intermediate Matwork and Reformer

Cadillac & Chair

Injuries & Special Populations

Julie comes to BFL with a background in retail:  management, marketing and buying. She’s always thinking about the customer experience.  With a BA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Minnesota, her education, attitude, and work experience has allowed her to make a successful career transition years ago to Pilates. 

For Julie, establishing and maintaining relationships is essential to having an overall sense of well-being, she will work hard to understand your needs, goals, and hopefully share some laughs along the way. The Pilates journey is different for everyone and her objective is to help clients navigate that journey. Julie says, “Whether you’re new to the practice or have incorporated Pilates into your fitness routine for years, I want to get you moving and keep you moving safely and effectively”. 

After a back injury in 2010 and months of physical therapy, she set out to learn Pilates as a compliment to her physical therapy. Her PT supported this goal and encouraged her to work with a Pilates trainer to focus on building core strength. That was when she discovered Balance for Life.  She was inspired by what Pilates did for her to become a Certified Pilates instructor to share with others the benefits. Julie is always expanding her knowledge by attending trainings and workshops to be able to enhance each clients experience.  She says, “I love what Pilates did for my body and mind; I want to help others discover these benefits. BFL offers a non-threatening and judgement-free environment.” 



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