Insurance Reimbursement


Here are the plans that we are currently enrolled in.

  1. Print out the enrollment form, complete it and turn it into the front desk.

  2. Grab a form from the CSR at the front desk next time you are in.

*Private sessions and classes count as a workout.


These are HealthPartners general Frequent Fitness program requirements.  Program requirements may vary by employer plans.  Up to 2 people per household and must be 18 years or older 8-12 visits monthly = up to $20 reimbursement. Access Form >


Preferred One Fitness Advantage

Work out the programs minimum number of days per calendar month in order to receive a credit toward workout fees. Up to 2 people per household and must be 18 years or older 12 visits per calendar month = up to $20 reimbursement. Access Form >


UCare Health Club Savings Program

UCare Seniors & UCare Choices can get fit and save up to $20 per month! Access Form >


Regency Managed Properties

The Health for Wealth Rewards Program offers eligible associates can work out a minimum of 6 times per month and receive up to a $20 credit on their workout fees. Access Form >


Sanford Health Plan

All eligible members will receive up to $20 per month for completing at least 12 workouts per month at Balance for Life.  (If unsure if you are eligible or not, call Sanford Health Plan – or the back of your insurance card.) Access Form >



All eligible members will receive $20 reimbursement per month if you complete 8-12 workouts at Balance for Life. Access Form >

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