Covid 19 Safety Protocol

Staff and Client health continues to be our priority at Balance for Life. At Balance for Life, we have always had strict protocol around cleanliness and your safety. Because Balance for Life is not membership based, we are a low volume facility, therefore less risk, unlike a health club. We have less people in our facility all day then are in a large health club in a half an hour.


New protocol has been set in place with COVID-19 for the safety, health and wellness of our staff and clients. Click here to see full list of what we implemented.


Please know:

*We thoroughly sanitized and clean everything in our facility, (top to bottom).

* We have plans for making sure your visit here is above and beyond all cleanliness guidelines.

* Your health continues to be our NUMBER 1 priority



We ask clients and staff:

· If you or a family member in your home is sick, please stay home.


· Please do a health screening before coming in if you have a fever of 100.4 or greater, a cough or shortness of breath, please do not come in to BFL and contact your physician to see if a COVID test is warranted


· If you or a family member in your household is diagnosed with COVID please notify us immediately and follow the Dept of Health Guidelines and do not return until you are cleared by the Dept of Health


· Wash your hands before and after every massage, session or class with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. We have a sink in each of the 4 bathrooms and a sink in the workout area.


· If you must blow your nose, cough or sneeze use a tissue or cough into your elbow. Then wash your hands or use hand sanitizer which is throughout the fitness center.


· Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.


· Try to maintain 6 feet of distance between other clients.


· When traveling internationally by plane, we request you refrain from coming into Balance for Life for 14 days to ensure you are symptom free.


· All clients and staff are required to wear a face mask during indoor sessions. Outdoor sessions masks are optional.



We have the following to ensure your safety:


· We have UVC sanitizing lights on all four of our HVAC units to ensure we are circulating and breathing safer air. These are used at some hospitals for sanitation and air purification. It is inside the HVAC unit, therefore not exposing the light to anyone directly, just purifying the air

· We also have some UV lamp wands that we can use to sanitize equipment & high touch items, in addition to wiping them down.

· We have a fogger machine to sanitize the entire studio every night after we close in addition to our other sanitizing methods.

· Massage rooms will also utilize additional UVC sanitizing light lamps in the rooms between massages.

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