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Improve your golf game by focusing on you! by Julie G

You can buy golf balls that compress more, or spin less. You can buy new irons with more forgiveness, but if you don't invest in the most important piece of equipment you already own - your body - then all of your equipment combined will lack their full potential.  


Do you want to? 

* Hit the ball further 

* Not be in pain when you play 

* Be able to play for the rest of your life 

* Lower your score 

* Hit the ball more accurately 


A combination of high-quality golf instruction and fitness training is the most powerful way to improve your swing and keep you injury-free so you can concentrate on your golf game (and life) without the added distraction of pain or fatigue.  


It is common that if you play enough golf you may suffer from some type of nagging ache or injury. It’s the nature of the game. Golf is a one-sided activity that is repetitive in nature and so it will create imbalances and deficiencies in the body if left unchecked. 


These imbalances and deficiencies can, by themselves, lead to injury, as can poor golf swing mechanics. When you combine the two, you’ve got the perfect storm. 


Don’t let something that is preventable keep you away from the game you love. Work with a Certified Fitness Trainer to identify and correct the cause. Fix your body to correct the muscle imbalances or mechanics that got you into pain.  If you have no injuries, that is great, work with a trainer to keep muscle balance to prevent injuries.   


The trainer will work with you to: 

Address and correct biomechanical limitations that translate into swing faults.  


Increase balance and stability of the lower body to unload into the ball.  


Increase flexibility in your wrists to allow an improved set and release of the golf club through impact.  


Increase mobility and strength to keep your swing on plane and a fuller shoulder turn to generate more velocity.  


Add distance to your drive and facilitate an efficient swing that produces consistent shots while getting in great shape. 


Your customized golf program may include personal training, pilates, yoga and massage.  Come in for a free consultation with Julie Gronquist the owner of Balance for Life and find out how to get started. 


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