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Boost Your Metabolism w/ Strength Training by Julie G

Is a decrease in your physical strength and energy getting in the way of you enjoying your favorite activities? Are you exercising currently but not doing strength training?  Want to start strength training but don’t know how to start?  Do you have an injury and are nervous to add in strength training?  Are you gaining weight and yet you haven’t changed your activity level?   


Strength training is key to not only increasing and maintaining your strength but it will improve your daily stamina, give you more energy and boost your metabolism.  Many people associate strength training with only large machines or dumbbells but strength training can also incorporate resistance bands, your own body weight, TRX®, and more. 


Men and women of any age can benefit from strength training. Having a chronic medical condition doesn’t mean you can’t do strength exercises. If you’re living with heart disease, arthritis or diabetes, strength training may even help improve your condition. 

There are many benefits to doing a strength training program, not only does it increase your energy but keeping and increasing your muscle keeps your metabolism burning. 

Unless you regularly engage in activities to strengthen your muscles, you’ll lose about a half a pound of muscle a year in your 30s and 40s, and that rate can double once you turn 50.   Losing muscle correlates with lowering your metabolism. As you lose muscle, you lose strength, and that compromises your ability to do even simple daily tasks such as getting in and out of a car or walking up and down stairs. 

Here are just a few great reason to do strength training: 

  1. Increase your metabolism 

  2.  Improve your quality of life, allowing you to do the things you enjoy with less effort 

  3.  Strengthen and preserve your muscle tissue 

  4.  Strengthen your bones 

  5. Maintain your independence as you get older 

  6. Elevate your mood and your self-confidence 

  7. Keep up with you children or grandchildren 

  8. Have the stamina for traveling, gardening or your activity of choice 


We recommend getting started with a Certified Personal Trainer.  You’ll receive a customized program that takes into consideration your goals, any injuries or health restrictions you may have, how much time you have to exercise and most importantly will ensure your technique and form is correct to get the most out of the exercises and to prevent injuries.  Working with a trainer keeps you accountable to getting your workouts in and motivated to stay on track.


A few keys points to think about when getting started with Strength Training: 

  1. Write down your goals 

  1. Set aside time to fit it into your day. 

  1. Don’t do too much to start, ease into it. 

  1. Change up the exercises you are doing so you don’t plateau 

  1. Be flexible and patient with yourself, if you have to miss a strength session due to personal circumstances such as illness, just get started again and don’t fret over it. 

  1. Focus on a total body workout, don’t just focus on one area which could lead to muscle imbalance. 


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