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Amber G

Certified Yoga Instructor


Amber is a Certified Yoga Instructor that received her yoga training in Asheville North Carolina in 2008.  She is registered with the Yoga Alliance.  Amber has been instructing yoga for 15+ years.  She has experience teaching many formats in many different settings.  Her goal for every class, no matter the format, is for the participants to feel welcomed and supported. She strives for a balance of a fun, relaxed, feel good experience with a chance to listen to your body. Amber love doing yoga anytime, anywhere! 


Amber says, “I have dedicated so much of my time to always learning more, my passion is all things mind, body, and spirit and I am a forever student".  Amber is also a Massage Therapist and a Doula. She is a mother of 3; 1 girl and 2 boys and loves to share with them all of the knowledge she has acquired.  She loves to travel and learn. 

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