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Tara D

Certified Personal Trainer

Tara completed her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Hamline University.  While at Hamline, she was on the Women’s Lacrosse team. She found her passion for exercise through training for collegiate lacrosse, and subsequently, her passion for rehabilitation through being injured for most of her career. 


She has worked with a wide range of clients some introducing them to exercise and some that are consistent exercisers add new movements into their programs; including younger athletes and older adults with injuries looking to reduce pain and improve function.  While injuries are often considered a setback, Tara believes that they define the focus of the training. When rehabilitating an injury, the goal is to reduce pain and improve function, which requires more than the injured section to be improved. Because of this, there is an increased drive to develop as steps are taken to ensure a lower risk of reinjuring that body part. 


In her free time, Tara enjoys watching sports, playing with her cat, and listening to music, especially if it is live at a concert

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