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Sage D

Certified Pilates Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer

Sage is driven to help others, learn from the world, and gain experience through the practice of fearlessness and kindness. She was determined to find a career that she was passionate about. She was a gymnast and shared her passion for the sport by teaching/coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics. Sage attended a Pilates class with the interest of trying something new for herself. Immediately, she fell in love. The movements were low impact, yet progressive; focusing predominantly on core strength, balance, breath, and flexibility. Sage found Pilates to help not only her physical health, but also her emotional and mental well-being. She wanted to transcend beyond working with youth in gymnastics to working with adults with Pilates.  She obtained her full Pilates certification.  She is excited to share her skills and enjoys working with a wide range of clients from youth to seniors. Sage is always expanding her knowledge and is also currently pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Psychology, as well as Criminal Justice, with emphasis in Victimology. 

In her free-time, Sage loves to do Pilates, read, color, meditate, practice yoga, bike, spend time outdoors, and volunteer; her current primary goal is to balance a handstand.  She always likes to find new ways to challenge her body. Additionally, Sage enjoys exploring the world; in 2021, Sage spent the month of October solo-travelled the west coast. She drove eight-thousand miles across the US towards Washington, down highway one to California, and back through the Midwest.  A year later Sage backpacked through eighteen European countries over a total of six weeks. Her favorite locations were Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, and Northern Ireland. 

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