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Pilates for Osteoporosis 

Balance for Life is offering a class that is specialized and safe for men and women with osteoporosis.

We recognized that doctors often recommend exercise to build bone density but not all exercise programs are safe for this condition.

This class is designed to be safe for those with low bone density. Coupled with proper diet and supplementation, exercise is essential to slowing a decline in bone density which may prevent fractures associated with osteoporosis.

This class will allow for a safe, effective, and fun workout that will challenge core strength, improve posture, correct joint mechanics, and increase balance for fall prevention. We will use the Pilates reformer, resistance bands, and other tools to get you moving. All levels are welcome. No Pilates experience is necessary to sign up for this course.

This is a series class and will progress over the four sessions.  Participants must be able to lay flat on their back with head support for 30 minutes.  

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