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Ken C

Personal Trainer



Ken is loving his second career in fitness as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  A former paratrooper, attorney, Federal agent, marathoner, and rock climber.   He is experienced in injury rehabilitation, sports conditioning, and senior fitness. During his law enforcement career, he spent 16 years as a Physical Fitness, Defensive Tactics and Krav Maga martial arts Instructor. Despite his military and police background, Ken is never militaristic in his approach to training with clients.   He applies intellect as well as physicality while training and encourages his clients to do the same.  

As an older athlete who has experienced multiple cycles of injury and rehabilitation throughout his life, Ken has come to understand and respect his own limitations but loves to figure out strategies to transcend them. He is eager to help you do the same for yours. He thinks outside the box and draws from an eclectic set of unconventional, functional training approaches and unusual fitness tools that many people, and even many trainers, may think are reserved only for advanced athletes. They are not, and he will show you exactly how and why.  

As a frequent adventure traveler who has summited peaks on three continents, Ken sees each training session as a journey with a beginning, middle and an end.  He sees his training role as less comparable to a drill instructor or even sports coach and more like a backcountry guide, helping you to summit your chosen mountain by a route that is safe and fun, but that leaves you proud of your accomplishments as you enjoy the view from the top.

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