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Jonathon H


Customer Service Manager / Certified Massage Therapist


Jonathon manages all things Customer Service here at Balance for Life and ensures each client has a positive experience. He has a strong background in leading a team and ensuring guest satisfaction over the past 12 years.  Jonathon brings both his enthusiasm, his expertise and collaborative style of management to our team, a great combo for our success.   


A pillar of the beauty and retail sector, Jonathon has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over his two successful years at Shii by Journeys in Roseville. This laid the foundations for his decade-long journey at Rocco Altobelli Inc., where he began as a Guest Coordinator and quickly rose through the ranks to Assistant Manager in Minneapolis, followed by an instrumental role as Salon Administrator at the Roseville location. 


Dynamic leadership and incomparable retail management skills have enabled Jonathon to foster a collaborative and productive work atmosphere over the years. His managerial philosophy emphasizes building strong individual connections with team members, adapting to the team’s needs, and ensuring everyone can contribute to the business’ success and growth.  


Jonathon grew up in Iowa and moved to Minnesota in 2010. He has always been interested in learning about the body and mind and finding natural ways to facilitate healing. Jonathon loves working with a variety of people and helping them find relaxation and wellness through therapeutic massage.  


He started his educational journey at CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu in St. Louis Park and transferred to Northwestern Health Sciences to continue his massage path. He graduated with an AAS in Massage Therapy. There he focused on the body’s natural ability to heal with help from massage and became passionate about working with his hands to help people work through pain and physical traumas. His family has suffered from multiple chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia for his mother and Scoliosis for his sisters. His youngest sister was constantly injuring herself in multiple different sporting and FFA events. Learning different ways to assist clients with injuries and reduce muscle tension to restore function brings him great joy when he sees the client feeling better. Using his skills in Swedish, Clinical massage, Orthopedic work, and Sports massage; Jonathon hopes to help as many people as possible find comfort in their own bodies. 


Outside of work, Jonathon is an avid reader and enjoys playing music on the piano, adding depth to his multifaceted personality. 

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