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Certified Pilates Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer


Jairo started college and working in the world of fitness, physical preparation, recreation and sports in 2014. He wanted to find something that he was passionate about doing for a career so everyday going to work would not feel like work. He attended University in Cali, Colombia and focused on sciences applied to sports and physical activity and graduated with a BS in Exercise Science and Sports Management. He began working in the field one year before finishing his degree, an opportunity arose to be a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. In this position, he gained experience and learned the broad reach of fitness and its impact on people’s lives. “Early on in my career, I realized that training was not just about being thin or having big muscles, I understood that health and well-being appear as you focus on a broader focus; that is how I discovered Pilates. I really enjoyed Pilates and its focus on core strength, flexibility, and mobility.” In addition to his degree and Certifications in Personal Training and Group Fitness, Jairo went on to become trained in Pilates through Balanced Body.


He has been an athlete since he was a child. He enjoyed swimming, cycling and soccer as he grew up in college, he also did Martial Arts, Judo, Volleyball, Powerlifting and Weightlifting. He has worked in a wide range of settings. He was an instructor and physical trainer for a BMX school, worked at a center that worked exclusively with older adults, he developed a program for vulnerable communities with the secretary of the local department, was a manager of sports programs for the community, he worked in a fitness center and also at a Pilates Boutique Studio. In these settings, he has done private sessions and taught classes. He enjoys training all ages of clients, customizing each session for their body, and keeping the classes engaging by teaching classes that offer variety.


“I come from Colombia and I really like learn new things. I really like to travel, especially by motorcycle. In Colombia, I traveled throughout the country on a motorcycle, a Suzuki V strom 650, currently I miss my motorcycle a lot and it is one of the projects that I hope to be able to do here in the United States, traveling through all its states. I have traveled through a small part of Latin America such as Chile and Ecuador. I am hoping to do create my own custom trip project “South America Route” which will consist of traveling by motorcycle from Colombia to the south of the continent, crossing all possible countries.”

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