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Flexion Free Pilates Mat

Learn how to use your core without ever doing a crunch! Yes, that is possible! Pilates is great for the spine, but for those with certain conditions, the flexing movement of the spine present in many of the traditional Pilates exercises is not appropriate. Spinal Flexion is when the spine is bent forward, bringing the head closer to the pelvis. Crunches, traditional Pilates Roll Ups, and most of the ways you may have learned to work out your abdominal muscles put the spine into flexion. This position puts load on the discs of the spine and compresses the thorax, which can aggravate back pain or make other conditions worse.

This class may be for you if you experience intermittent or chronic low back pain, disc herniation, osteopenia, osteoporosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, or diastasis recti (abdominal separation). Or maybe you generally find yourself already in a flexed position and want to improve your posture. Do you walk around in the shape of your office chair? If so, you do not need to be doing crunches.

Come learn how to use your deep core muscles in a neutral spinal position that will improve your posture, build strength, and reduce the strain on your spine.

The class will be on the Pilates mat and will be a full body workout. All levels and experience are welcome. For those with diagnosed medical conditions, please consult with a medical profession to be cleared for a group exercise program. If you are unsure if this class if for you please call 651-415-9500 ask for Julie Gronquist, owner of Balance for Life and she can talk with you further.

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