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7 week Essential Reformer

Essential Reformer This is designed for a client that is newer to reformer or has never done Pilates reformer and is looking to get into a Beginner Reformer class at the completion of the 7-week class. This is a great entry point into Pilates on the reformer. Each participant will learn the Beginner Pilates movements to get you prepped to enter our Beginner Reformer classes. You will love the low impact, how great it feels to strengthen your core and lengthen your spine. This is an Essential class which means you may be at a Beginner Fitness level or you may be at a higher fitness level but new to Pilates Reformer, either way, this is the place to build your Pilates foundation. You will establish your Pilates foundation: proper use of the reformer, learn the correct techniques to enhance your Pilates workout, understand Pilates cueing, proper breathing, proper body placement and form. Proper technique is essential for you to get the most out of your Pilates classes. *Pre-requisites to the class: participants can’t have any major limitations, restrictions or injuries. If you are unsure, please consult with Julie Gronquist prior to signing up.

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