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Curvy Pilates™ Reformer

Balance for Life has created a unique Curvy Pilates™ Reformer program designed specifically for people in curvy bodies who want to experience Pilates in a group class format. We are thrilled to be able to say YES, Pilates is for you. 

We developed this Curvy Pilates™ program, which utilizes the principles of Pilates by incorporating breath and movement to build body awareness, gain strength and flexibility all in a safe, supportive, body positive environment. This class is focused on embracing your current body and learning how to move with the Pilates exercises on the reformer, the essential piece of Pilates equipment which allows students to enjoy Pilates without needing to get up and down off of the floor, class participants are elevated off the floor.

6 week class.

Classes are limited to 6 people. No Pilates experience is required.

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