Rhiana B

Certified Massage Therapist


Years of experience: 10+

Rhiana received her massage and bodywork certification through the Aveda Institute Minneapolis in 2011. Her favorite part about being a massage therapist is being able to help people. Everybody has a different goal when it comes to wellness and Rhiana enjoys creating an individual plan to achieve those goals. She is a strong advocate for health in all aspects of life, the mental/physical and the emotional/spiritual.


Outside of massage, Rhiana enjoys spending time in nature and can often be found in her garden. When the weather is dreary, she prefers to read, cuddle with her kittens, paint, crochet or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. Growing up, Rhiana was a national level figure skater and traveled across the country for many different events. Nowadays her chosen activities include hiking, canoeing, yoga, ballet and rock climbing. Rhiana strives to live a life full of creativity and joy. Her most joyful moments are found in spending time with her family.


Specializes in these styles of massage: Prenatal/postnatal massage, Therapeutic, Hot stone therapy.


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