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Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®)

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®) is a technique that uses a systematic approach to identify and treat muscular imbalances that relate to injury and pain. 


The focus of the evaluation procedure is based upon the understanding that the body will protect itself when it recognizes instability. Therefore, muscles will tighten up as a protective measure when instability is recognized. MAT® addresses the component of muscle weakness as a cause for limitations in joint range of motion. When a muscle is inhibited and/or has lost proprioceptive input, it does not contract efficiently, and the joint that it supports becomes unstable. MAT® is designed to identify and correct the positions of instability. When MAT® is performed, the natural protective mechanisms are diminished with the goal of creating normal joint motion. The goal is to not only normalize joint motion, but to also increase stability through that range of motion (Mobility and Stability). 


Christl has completed the training for the MAT® Full Body Specialist and that combined with her 18+ years of massage/bodywork knowledge makes her an excellent practitioner.  




Increases the contractile efficiency of muscle, which in turn increases muscle stability. This allows people to build strength throughout the entire muscular system.

Increases the amount of stress the muscles can handle which increases the muscles’ ability to recover from injury and overuse.

Identifies muscle weakness as the cause of muscle tightness and muscle pain.

Views muscular tightness as our own Natural Protection Mechanism.

Increases joint mobility, but not at the expense of stability. MAT first increases stability, or “motor control,” and thus allows for improvements in range of motion.

The outcome of consistent MAT® sessions is the improvement of the muscular system’s ability to recover; and its ability to withstand chemical, emotional and physical stresses increases.


What to know for your first MAT® Session....


 1)  Please complete the intake form 24 hours or greater in advance of your session (Click here)

 2)  During the MAT® session we ask that all clients wear loose, exercise-type clothing and clean socks.  Please note that clients remain fully clothed during the MAT® session.

$80/1 hour

Here is a brief video explaining how it works


















Result example:



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