Jenny B

Certified Personal Trainer
Pilates Instructor

Jenny has a passion for teaching and participating in a variety of fitness activities.  She started her career in fitness leading small group boot camp classes and continued in the group fitness field along with training individuals.  Jenny feels variety in a client’s program is essential and incorporates many different pieces of equipment including the TRX and stability ball, along with creating a variety of routines clients can do to keep it interesting.


After many years of experiencing chronic back pain due to a disc herniation and subsequent lumbar decompression surgery, Jenny decided to incorporate yoga and Pilates into her own fitness routine.  Finding the postural balance and breath work to be life changing for pain management, Jenny decided to expand her professional knowledge in the area.  In addition to her ACE Personal Trainer Certification, Jenny obtained a Mind/Body Specialist Certification from ACE and is also trained in STOTT Reformer Pilates.  She continues to expand her Pilates and Personal Training education and is also a Total Barre Instructor through STOTT.  


Jenny enjoys working with a variety of individuals. She loves getting new exercisers excited about fitness by helping them get comfortable with movement, equipment and the fitness environment in general. She also has a passion for creating workouts for experienced exercisers to keep them challenged, motivated and excited about working out.  She loves the energy of a group fitness class and likes to leave clients with not just a good workout, but also a positive outlook on their bodies, progress and goals.  


As Jenny has consistently exercised throughout three pregnancies, with babies and small children and through her struggles with back pain, Jenny truly believes that there is a workout for everyone in every situation. She has a “all obstacles can be overcome” philosophy about exercise. Her goal is to help people discover that fitness is not a dreaded chore, but a fun activity that you do because you love your body, not because you hate it!

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