David P

Certified Massage Therapist

Years of experience: 18+


David has practiced therapeutic massage and bodywork for 17 years. David is trained and experienced in deep tissue, craniosacral, sports massage, reflexology, Thai yoga massage, and trigger point therapies. He has worked collaboratively with chiropractors, personal trainers and meditation instructors to provide integrative healing for clients.

He first studied massage at the Florida College of Natural Health in 2002 and Craniosacral through the Upledger Institute in 2009.

David has practiced meditation and studied personal transformation for over 20 years, which is foundational in his understanding the role that therapeutic touch plays in a person’s holistic healing journey.

David speaks four languages fluently. From studying Spanish in college to Russian and German as a soldier in the Army, he is uniquely in tune with the way people speak about their bodies and what the body is saying.

David loves to gather with friends and family around nourishing homemade food, he loves to dance and uses movement as a form of meditation. He and his wife had their first child this past summer and will undoubtedly be calling in the ancestral and community assistance in raising a contributor to this project called, “ life in the 2020s!”

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