Ariana N

Customer Service Representative


Staying active is an essential part of my life, so working in an atmosphere where people are working to maintain or develop their health is AWESOME!  All my life I have been pretty active. I grew up playing softball, taking karate lessons, as well as running cross country and track.  Nowadays, you can find me running, biking, rollerblading, shooting hoops or playing tennis.


Besides fitness being an essential part of my life, videography & photography, traveling and relationships also play key roles  I started taking pictures when I was a young one. I was that person who always had a camera readily available (still the case to this day).  I attended college at St. Cloud State University where I attained a degree in TV Production and Communication Studies.  Since I graduated in 2012, I have put in hours at North Metro TV filming and editing as well as becoming a free-lancer in the video production industry.  I film/photograph a variety of events.  But my favorite events to capture are weddings/couples and my travel destinations!  I am a huge travel guru.  I have the travel bug and it is not going away anytime soon.  I love adventure and love visiting new places!  I have been to a variety of different countries, but my favorite place to date is Thailand!  Other than that, relationships are super important to me.  I care deeply about my friends and family.  I try to keep in contact with them frequently and help them out the best I can!


Ice cream, board games, Mario Kart and puppies are also high up on the list!

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