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Anne K

Certified Pilates Instructor


Anne has a Full STOTT PILATES Certification and is a Qualified CORE, Total Barre, and TRX Instructor and brings energy and challenge into every session or class she teaches. She has an Associates’ Degree in both Business Management and Accounting and worked 20+ years in the Bank Management, Sales, and Operations Industry.


“It was a car accident 7 years ago, when I almost lost my life, which spiked my awareness to Pilates and how it can help rehab your body and live a pain-free life. This life-changing event opened my eyes and helped me make a decision to leave the world of numbers to focus on my passion of helping clients uncover the incredible way to improve body alignment, posture, and overall strength. Anne works with all levels of clients, specializing in post rehabilitation from injuries or joint replacement, athletes looking to improve their core strength and performance, and clients that want to gain strength and flexibility. “I love to be a part of each client’s success by challenging and watching their bodies change while accomplishing an exercise they never thought they could do.”


Anne enjoys Grandma Days, golf, gardening and cooking. She traveled to Bologna, Italy to attend culinary school and loves to prepare Italian meals for friends and family.

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