Amanda D

Certified Pilates Instructor

Amanda has been a Pilates instructor for years and is a Certified Comprehensive PEAK Pilates instructor. Peak is classical Pilates; she has been through other non-classical continuing education courses and has been exposed to a wide variety of teaching styles.  She is passionate about working with clients in helping them to achieve their movement goals through Pilates.   She enjoys working one on one and teaching small group classes. 


Growing up she was very active in sports.  She loved gymnastics, dance and diving most of all. She got injured at 13 and she tried many things the doctors recommended to help resolve her injury, but she ended up having to have two spinal surgeries. One surgery at 16 and another at age 21. After her surgeries, she learned of Pilates and tried it.  She immediately fell in love with Pilates and never looked back. She has wondered if she would have known about Pilates at a younger age there is a chance, she wouldn't have had to have surgeries or would have had only a minor one.  This is one of the things that has inspired her to share the benefits of Pilates as she knows how injury, pain, and frustration with the injury was a challenge to work through, but she has.  She knows from her own body working through injuries, that you have to listen to what the body can do, adjust around any obstacles that are presented and challenge the body to what it is capable of in a safe way. 


Amanda loves animals, she has a dog, two cats and two guinea pigs. She enjoys dancing and doing tricks with her hula hoops, going to concerts, bike rides, and most of all spending time with her close friends and family.  

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