Amanda D

Certified Pilates Instructor

Amanda is a Comprehensively certified PEAK Pilates instructor. She has taken many other non-classical continuing education courses and knows a wide variety of teaching styles.  She enjoys working one on one and teaching small group classes. Amanda is passionate about helping clients achieve their movement and postural goals through Pilates. 


Amanda started gymnastics and dance at age 3 and can’t remember a time when she wasn't active. She injured her back at 13 had two spinal surgeries, one at 16 the other at 21. After her surgeries, she struggled to feel normal in her own body again. Once she found Pilates, her life changed, and she's never looked back. She wonders if she knew about Pilates at a younger age would she have gotten the surgeries.  A better knowledge of how to use the body safely is just one of the many things Pilates has brought into her life. She is passionate that Pilates can impact other people’s lives as well.  


Amanda loves going on long bike rides and spending time with her 5 animals. 

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