Alena F

Certified Personal Trainer

Alena received her BA from the University of Minnesota and later received her diploma as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant from the National Institute of Personal Training. Growing up as a ballet dancer and training horses during the summer, Alena has always believed physical fitness is crucial for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Alena has taught numerous dance-based & strength group classes and is certified in Zumba, Silver Sneakers, and TRX.


She began training clients in 2008.  She specializes in fitness training for all ages, from junior high school athletes to dedicated seniors. She works with individuals and groups to improve strength, balance, flexibility and lifestyle through physical exercise. Alena believes exercise can help improve everyone’s life, making sure to listen to the body. She has worked with numerous clients that have injuries or physical limitations and she is always using her creative programming to ensure a great and safe workout and to keep clients motivated.


No matter your age, she is here “to make you sweat!”



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